Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Doing time on planet earth

My mother lived to the age of 102. Apparently that will soon be no big deal.

Experts think there will be about 6 million centenarians around the world by 2050. In fact, their numbers are increasing at 20 times the growth rate of the general population, making them the fastest growing segment of the population. There are already documented cases of people living past the age of 120.

Some scientists think that human lives can be prolonged even further, and Aubrey de Grey, a Cambridge University researcher, thinks it will be possible to live to 1,000 or more. Whoa!

This raises a few questions:
• Will marketers still target most of their ad budgets to reach the 18-34 year old demographic, or will 400-500 be the new peak spending years?

• Will 900 be the new 800?

• Will furniture ads say, "Buy it today, and pay nothing for 150 years!"

• Will there be 2,000 new versions of the iPod during your lifetime?

• Will they need to grass over parking lots to make more golf courses?

• Will ear hair removal be the hot growth industry?

• Who can afford to retire for 935 years?

• If a 50th wedding anniversary is gold, what is a 500th wedding anniversary? Deodorant?

• Will there still be lifetime guarantees?

• Will you get a letter from the Prime Minister and the Queen on your millennium?

• Can you imagine the late fees on a library book that is 5 centuries overdue?

• Is Microsoft planning for this? Will there be a Y2K-type problem when you turn 1001?

• How big can a dust bunny get in 800 years?

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