Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Zen and the art of lawn maintenance

"Find a need and fill it," the mantra of the entrepreneur, is the driving force behind an amazing arsenal of dandelion-fighting weapons developed by the Rittenhouse company of St. Catharines, Ontario.

This ordnance is in demand here as homeowners defend their lawns against the dandy invasion that has predictably followed the banning of chemical weed killers.

Take, for example, the Electro-Weeder, which uses electricity to heat a small ceramic heating stone to a temperature of approximately 400°F. This "disrupts the normal functions of the weed causing death," according to Rittenhouse.

Then there's the Weed Dragon Torch, which is essentially a personal 100,000 BTU flame-thrower with a flame temperature of 2050 degrees F . Note that it is "for outdoor use only."

If you have a really big dandelion problem, you might consider the Green Steam Weed Killer, the heavy artillery of lawn maintenance. This four-wheeled machine has a Steam-Thrower which shoots 660° steam that quickly kills weeds, and a 7-gallon water tank for 3 hours of continuous operation.

Lock and load.

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