Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Wake up call for Dudley Do-Right

Despite the best efforts of the media and CSIS since 2001 to scare us into the same state of anxiety as our American neighbours, for most Canadians terrorism is something that happens elsewhere. Most of us have difficulty conceiving of a Toronto subway being bombed, a navy ship being sunk in Halifax harbour, or Anthrax spores being released in downtown Vancouver.

Until this week.

Earlier reports of 7 suspects released for lack of evidence, and the sentencing of an eighth to time served, gave the impression that there was more smoke than fire in the case of the so-called Toronto 18, and likely not much of a threat to national security. Now, what had seemed to be nothing more than a bunch of bonehead teenagers with overactive imaginations stumbling around in the snow near Orillia is suddenly shown to be something else.

Thanks to a guilty plea, we know there was a plot to blow things up, perhaps CSIS headquarters, the Toronto stock exchange, and a military installation. Ammonium nitrate was purchased. Serious stuff.

As we cruise into the Canada Day weekend, good old Canada feels just a bit different.

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