Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Moses has a Vision

From the "What's up with that?" file ...

Moses Znaimer, after wandering the desert of Canadian TV for almost 4o years, has journeyed from the profane (Baby Blue Movies) to the divine. This new state of grace is via ownership (through his company ZoomerMedia) of religious channel Vision TV. Along the way, Znaimer's eternal chutzpah and everlasting inspiration conceived CityTV, MuchMusic and Bravo!

Canadian financial deity Prem Watsa is a convert. When Moses passed the collection plate, Prem's firm, Fairfax Financial, threw in for 28% of Zoomer, which is focused on entertaining and enlightening the demographic formerly known as boomers.

Zoomer commandments include "We demand zip," and "It's still about us."

So what's next? Don Cherry takes over the W Network? Will Advanced Shirt Laundering make it to air?

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