Thursday, June 4, 2009

Liu si

Liu si, 6/4, June 4, 1989. Tiananmen Square.

A time for courage. Hundreds died. What would you have done? Really.

Would you have stood in the path to the square? Tried to dissuade the soldiers sent to stop the protests? Confronted the tanks? Risked career, prison, exile, death?

These were the prices paid by those who stood up 20 years ago.

It took guts, and in the end the sacrifices were in vain. So far.

Those under 25 have no real memory of this. It has been ploughed under, erased by the Chinese government, their people bought off by the promise that the economy will deliver the fruits of affluence as long as they don't rock the boat.

Be a good cog in the machine, and you will enjoy prosperity. A house, a car, a television set.

A powerful argument. A bargain accepted by the majority.

But some will not forget liu si. Hope lives.

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