Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Cyber battle in Iran

Is Iran potentially the Spanish Revolution of cyber war, a place where new weapons and tactics are tested on a laboratory-scale battlefield?

Both sides are employing online strategies to disrupt their opponents' communications in the current disagreement over who should run the place (Caveat: Neither of these guys is Thomas Jefferson).

According to Wired, it started with an attempt by those protesting the recent election results to attack a few official web sites. It then expanded to news outlets perceived to be pushing the government line.

Matthew Burton, an ex-U.S. intelligence operative who got involved in this said “We turned our collective power and outrage into a serious weapon that we could use at our will, without ever having to feel the consequences. We practiced distributed, citizen-based warfare.” (Read that again, this time using the voice of Darth Vader. Chilling, eh?)

Now the government is fighting back, filtering text-message traffic and Secure Socket Layer-protected web sites, to disrupt communications among the pro-democracy people, and their messaging to the outside world.

Stay tuned at Wired's Danger Room.

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