Friday, May 22, 2009

Sex in the boardroom

Caught Allan Gregg's TVO interview with Barbara Annis, author of Leadership and the Sexes.

Now, stay with me here, because this isn't just esoteric, academic droning, but something you may find interesting and useful, always a good combination.

If you're a man who has worked with women, or vice versa, you have undoubtedly experienced many moments when you have asked the question "What the hell just happened there?"

On each side of the gender divide, we tend to assume that people problem-solve and decision-make more or less in the same way.

Not so, says Annis. For example, the word "Yes" means very different things to men and to women. Women say "Yes" to indicate they are following your train of thought. To men, "Yes" means that's it, the decision has been made, let's move on.

There's much more. Women wonder why men often don't seem to be listening. Men wonder why women seem always to be talking. Annis explains all this stuff in the following video.

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