Thursday, May 14, 2009

LostWorld, my own reality show

I see where Google is rolling out some new features that will help us find online stuff faster and with less hassle.

That's great, but what I really need is something that can help me find stuff in the real world, and I'm not talking about Bigfoot or the Holy Grail here.

Well, the Holy Grail would be cool, but I'll settle for the TV remote. We actually lost a remote for two years. It had been stuck in an atlas that had then been put on a shelf, just a few feet from our TV watching chairs. We found it when we moved. By then we had a new TV, but it was still reassuring to know that aliens hadn't swooped down and abducted it for scientific experiments, and that the dog hadn't eaten it. Now our new remote is taking frequent vacations away from us, too.

Also, where is my car! I drive into these underground parking labyrinths, walk somewhere, walk somewhere else, go for dinner, say goodbye to friends, then spend an hour stumbling around looking for my ride. I once had to get a Toronto parking attendant to mount an expedition in search of my car with his little truck. That garage must have run from Eglinton to the lakeshore. Good thing he had sandwiches.

Winter stuff. Where do boots, gloves, toques, and scarves go to die? Every year, it's off to the mall with the first snow flurries to get re-equipped.

Where is my room? In the old days, your hotel room number was on your key. Now with these new fangled smarty cards, the desk clerk writes the number on the little envelope that contains your card. Of course the envelope is left in the room when you go to dinner, with predictable results.

This is just a small sampling. A lot if time is wasted on this. Time that could be better spent, er, Googling online, for example.

Now, I'm no engineer, but wouldn't you think there must be some way to hook up RFID and GPS and other alphabet stuff so I can go on Google Maps and track down my galoshes?

So Google, how about it?

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