Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Your froofiness is the shiznit

I now realize that I have completely lost touch with the English language as she is spoke today.

While reading my morning newspaper, I stumble across the headline "Canadian men froofy, and that's good." I have no idea what positive implications being froofy might hold for Canadian manhood but, being one of those inquiring minds that wants to know, I immediately Google it.

This brings me to the Urban Dictionary, a reference work that has not previously entered my cosmology.

Turns out there are 3,920,364 words there that I have never heard spoken or written, or that mean something completely different now than they used to. I had thought myself fairly literate. Sure, I can never remember how many c's and m's there are in the word "accommodation", but this gives a whole new meaning to "out of touch."

I digress. Froofy is "hair that is frizzy and poofy," or it can also mean "consisting of a feminine nature..." How is this good, man-wise?

Other words that caught my eye as I browsed the Urban Dictionary included:

Alculate: To calculate how cost-effective an alcoholic beverage is. Otherwise known as the cost per shot ratio. Where was this when I was in college? We had to use the trial and error method.

Shiznit: Shortened term for "That is the shit, isn't it?" Really good. The greatest. Okay, is that the shiznit or the shiznot?

Twatted: The past tense of tweeting, or to be hit on the head by another head. Whew! For a second there, I thought we'd strayed into adult territory.

Zizebots: Those unpleasant, sometimes painful spots sunglasses cause on either side of your nose. they ruin your makeup, and look crazy. Man you're froofy, but those zizebots are shiznot!

3,920,359 more. Check 'em out.


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