Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Weird Wednesday, again

I know you have a life, and don’t have time to wander around the web looking for completely useless drivel, so Geezer takes on that chore for you. No need to say thanks. I’m happy to do it. Consider it a little gesture of appreciation for your continuing support.

Okay, here’s the situation. You know no one whom you can tweet, e-mail, phone, or visit. There isn’t even a friendly bartender within driving distance. You need conversation. You have nowhere to turn. Ta-dah! Omegle is there for you. Chat with a random stranger who also knows no one he/she can tweet, e-mail … well, you get the picture. Ain’t technology great?

Okay, chatting with the social reject didn't work out? Try this. Remember John Cleese’s silly walks on the old Monty Python show? Now you can relive those moments for yourself with the Silly Walks Generator. Don’t forget to save your creation so you can come back and enjoy it time after time.

Here's the ultimate test of nethood. 101 2-litre bottles of Diet Coke and 503 Mentos mints. You aren’t a true netizen until you’ve experienced it.

What could be more boring that watching grass grow? How about watching paint peel. Yes, friends, you can actually watch paint peel in real time, from the comfort of your home, on the Peeling Paint WebCam.

Geez, let's go shoot some bunnies.

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