Friday, April 17, 2009

I feel good

Getting cynical, skeptical, overdosed on corrupt politicians, drugged-up athletes, and ponzi scheme scoundrels? Is that what's got you down, friend?

Though hard to find, there are some heartwarming stories out there, and we've tracked down a few to brighten your day.

• A Calgary guy gets his wallet back, with the money inside, three years after losing it, and takes out a newspaper ad to thank the Edmonton guy who returned it.

• A 16 year old raises almost $4,000 for her favourite charity.

A 107-year old climbs out of her wheelchair to celebrate her birthday by driving a BMW M3 at 108 mph.

• A deceased dad picks a winner in the Grand National and wins his family £20,000.

The Miracle League provides children with mental and/or physical challenges an opportunity to play baseball in an organized league.

A blind basketballer makes free throws to win the game.

• An activist for the homeless puts those people into empty houses that are in foreclosure.
Having a James Brown moment yet?

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