Thursday, April 16, 2009

Glimpses of lives

Change of pace today. Peeking into the everyday joys and hurts of fellow wanderers in cyberspace, as recorded in their online journals and diaries.

A guilty pleasure, poking around in these little clips from real life.

"Today, I stumbled upon my boyfriend's Facebook. His second Facebook. On which I also stumbled upon his second girlfriend."

* * * * *

"I am DIVORCED! That's right! I woke up happy this morning, even though it's Tuesday :=) I already went to the Social Security office and had my last name changed back to my maiden name. I have to go to DMV next. It's so exciting, a new beginning :+)"

* * * * *

"Today, I was talking to a guy I met online and have known for 4 years. I've fallen in love with him twice, one of those times being currently. He was supposed to visit this summer. I got an email from him saying he's really a 17 year old girl..."

* * * * *

"Ok, here is the deal...I think i am going to try to find my mother. Not the mother that has took care of me for the since i was around eight years old. I am going to try to find my birth mother. Hopefully i can find her but if i happen to see her, i wouldnt know what to say or what to do. Its going to be hard but i will try my hardest to find her so i can ask her where my sister is. and hopefully i can find her and see her cause i havent seen her since i was like 4. And its kinda bothering me that i cant find my sister cause i dont know who she got adopted to. but wish me luck i am about to call someone who could probably help me."

* * * * *
"It was great to see her again, but slightly weird. It wasn't awkward or anything but when I was with her it kinda felt like when we first met. We would have a great time, but I had to think more carefully about what I said, or what I do. Example, in Nandos we ate egg tart, I cut them up and gave a piece to her in a fork. Obviously when we were going out I would feed her, but this time she picked the piece from the fork and ate. Just little things like that."

* * * * *

"My friend is pregnant and i am going to be the godmother she is having it in December i am really scared for her because she is only 14 and she hasn't told her mother yet i was the 1st one to know (lucky Me) but i don't think she need the baby because all the drugs and stuff she does but i don't know how to tell her but if the baby is a girl i want to name it Kellie Felisha Estell i always like that name and if its a boy i want to name it Tyler Lane but if the baby cant live with her i will take it even though i am 13 but i can take care of it i already have a job and i can get another one and my older sister can babysit the baby y i am at work and school and she might have a better house than me but everyone in her house does drugs and i don't want the baby to get sick"
Are they writing for themselves, or for us?

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