Thursday, March 19, 2009

Apologies for missing the sexting

Sorry, I just caught up with this. Apparently it is huge and has being going on for quite a while, so I'm not sure how I missed it, being at the cutting edge of social change and all.

It is sexting.

This refers to teenagers' habit of distributing nude self-portraits electronically by cell phone. Who knew? I have not been sexted, nor has anyone I know been sexted, or if they were they haven't mentioned it. Now that I think about it, I definitely do not want to be sexted by anyone I know. Let's hope senior citizens do not start sexting.

According to OnlineSecurityAuthority (OSA), "some prosecutors have begun charging teens who send and receive such images with child pornography and other serious felonies."

OSA says "In some cases, the photos are sent to harass other teens or to get attention. Other times, they're viewed as a high-tech way to flirt. Either way, law enforcement officials want it to stop, even if it means threatening to add 'sex offender' to a juvenile's confidential record."

Phillip Alpert found that out the hard way, according to the blog Cuban Revolution. In a fit of pique with his 16-year-old former girlfriend, Phil e-mailed naked photos of her to more than 70 people, including her parents, grandparents and teachers. His penalty --- 5 years of probation and registration as a sex offender.

That's it. Off to check my messages now.

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